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Hakuto Cut Sheet Laminator

Hotoprint Lichtdruck

Light Pressure / Conductive Pattern

The Auto Cutting Sheet Laminator from Hakuto adds a photosensitive resist to the printed circuit board. The layout is then formed into the resist via exposure to ultraviolet light. Hotoprint uses high-precision UV-exposure systems such as the OLEC AT30 with point light optics. Charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras check the offset between the hole pattern and film and optimise it prior to the exposure.

       Hotoprint Light Pressure

Structures such as conductive pattern or spaces are not exposed. These areas are developed in further process. The bare copper forms the basis for the electroplated design of the layout.

For excellent exposure results, the climate needs to be constant. At Hotoprint, an air conditioning and purification system permanently regulates the temperature, the humidity and dust.
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