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Process Control / Environmental Technology

Process Control
Hotoprint Process Control
In this final process step, our employees review the quality of all factors involved in the PCB manufacturing. At Hotoprint, we constantly monitor, document and control all of our processes. We calibrate and maintain our machines and measuring systems on a regular basis.

At Hotoprint, we can analyse chemical processes in our own, in-house laboratory. This guarantees a high level of process safety and quality standards.

Environmental Technology 
Hotoprint Recycle
Our environmental policy starts with the efficient use of resources in environmentally friendly processes. Waste management and professional recycling are also mandatory. Hotoprint has its own wastewater facility, in which the wastewater is cleaned, neutralized and environmentally friendly processed.

Natural resources, energy and water are used in an efficient manner. Heat recovery from our industrial processes also plays a part in our contribution to environmental sustainability.

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