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Desmearing / Brushing /Shadowing Process

Hotoprint Shadow ProcessIn these process steps, any residues, which have remained at the edges of the boreholes, are removed. The surfaces are activated and graphite is deposited as conductor into the vias.


In the desmearing process, the borehole walls are chemically treated. The drill sleeves are prepared for ideal copper plating, and glas fibre and resin smears are reduced.

Hotoprint Shadow ProcessThe next step is a mechanical brushing process. Oscillating and rotating brushes clean the surface of the printed circuit boards and remove the drilling burrs. The brushing machine uses ultrasound and high-pressure water to achieve optimum cleaning results.

               Hotoprint shadow-process

When the brushing process is finished, the printed circuit boards are moved to our shadowing maschine. The shadowing process guarantees high quality for horizontal vias. In different baths, the conductive graphite is deposited into the vias.
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