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Hotoprint Schmoll Bohrautomat MX2 For its drilling processes, Hotoprint uses high-precision systems from Schmoll Maschinen GmbH. Schmoll MX 2 drilling systems use up-to-date synchronous drilling spindles. These operate with a high torque and rpm, which is important for mechanical holes with a diameter of 150 µm.

             Hotoprint Drilling package

Hotoprint Bohren Spindel The drilling systems hold up to 3,600 tools. When operated, the tools are continually checked for abrasion and replaced when needed. That way the drilling process can be kept efficient during the PCB manufacturing process.

‘Contact drilling’ produces blind vias very precisely on multi-layer boards. A depth measurement system ensures that the drill can target the inner layers exactly.

The drilling machines are loaded and unloaded automatically. This makes a 24-hour operation possible and keeps the drilling process cost-effective.

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