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Solder Mask Coating

Hotoprint Soldermask Coating

Hotoprint Soldermask Coating

Solder Mask Coating

After the etching process is finished, the printed circuit board already functions. Areas and tracks are isolated and protected from oxidation.

At Hotoprint, before the solder mask is applied, the copper surface of the PCB is cleaned and conditioned in an innovative MECetchBOND process.

 Hotoprint Mec etch Bond                               Hotoprint Soldermask coating

In this process, a microetching solution produces super-roughened topography on the surface. This unique topography helps to enhance the adhesion of the copper to the solder mask. Ultra-fine lines can be realised in this way. The solder mask is applied in a curtain coating process to the boards. The thickness of the coating depends on the specific requirements of our customers.

In addition to solder mask in the standard green colour, we also offer other colours. The solder mask that we use is photoimageable. The cross-linking happens with the help of a UV-exposure system from Bacher Systems

      Hotoprint UV Exposure                           Hotoprint Development 

Automatic camera registration helps to align the film design ideally to the printed circuit boards. Pads and areas that are exempt from the solder mask coating are hidden during the UV-exposure. The following development process releases these areas. Hotoprint only uses high-tech coatings by the company Peters.
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