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Single & Double sided boards

Single sided boards

Hotoprint Fraesen A ‘solid’ product – This is the first technology, which was used for printed circuit boards. In a screen-printing process with etch resist colour, the simple layout was added to the copper-cladded base material. Thereafter, etching off the non-secured areas patterned the layout of the board.

Nowadays, the manufacturing process of a single sided board is almost identical with the standardised processes, which are used for complex, multi-layer boards. If you take costs and also environmental aspects into account, the decision for a single sided board is often worth considering.

Up to a certain degree, fine pattern can be realised in surface-mount technology (SMT). However, the opportunities are limited for single sided boards. For this reason, double sided and multi-layer designs are becoming more and more popular.

Double sided boards

Hotoprint MultiThe ‘classic’ – Double sided PCBs are the standard product on the world market. Precision and quality plays an important role for this technology, and the range of applications is vast. Double-sided boards have proven indispensable in many areas of the electronics market.

The success of the SMT as well as the automation and assembly technology in the mid 80s helped to improve the density on the printed circuit boards. This led to a miniaturisation of electronic devices.

In PCB development, double sided boards continue to play an important role despite greater demands and the trend to minimise products even further. Technological possibilities of designing bilayers are restricted.

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