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Hotoprint Milling Schmoll MaschinesIn this process step, the outline of the printed circuit board is routed. Hotoprint uses routing systems from the company Schmoll.

The systems of the Schmoll MX series use an integrated camera with CCD technology. The CCD camera registers the PCB surface and makes high-precision routing possible. Breakaway tabs and outlines can be fabricated in diverse varieties; rings, rectangles and more complex shapes are possible.

Hotoprint Milling Schmoll-Maschines The decision of which milling tool to choose depends on the cutting width and the material. Milling tools with a larger diameter are more stable and can be operated at a higher feed rate.

For challenging flex- and rigid-flex circuits. Hotoprint uses the milling systems to mill accurate depth and ledges.

CCD cameras guarantee the highest precision. The milling tool is positioned with an accuracy of +/- 15 µm on the panel or on the inner layers.
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