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IMS (Insulated Metal Subtrate) Printed Circuit Boards with Aluminium Core

Hotoprint AluA ‘cool PCB’ – The demand for powerful and intelligent electronic assemblies is growing. High frequencies, the trend to minimize components, and a greater output of the equipment result in a tremendous amount of heat.

In order to increase the stability and the life span of the components, the generated heat needs to be dissipated from the printed circuit board with the help of an effective thermal management system.

IMS material combines aluminium as core material, thermally conductive dielectric and copper foil. The material is available in different quality.

Main applications are temperature critical components that are used in high-performance electronics, and high-intensity LEDs, which require a fast and effective cooling.

For the LED application, Hotoprint uses an UV-resistant, pure white solder mask. Alternatively, the colours green, black and blue are available.

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact us. We are happy to advise you on the thermal conductivity of selected materials and will find the best solution for you.

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