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Flexible-/Semiflexible Printed Circuit Boards

Flexible Boards

Hoto Flexible BoardsA flexible PCB consists of a single or a double sided, flexible polymide carrier foil. For each application, Hotoprint selects material with the most suitable polymide thickness and quality of the copper plating.

For static bending applications with a low number of cycles (assembly and maintainance purposes), electrolytically deposited (ED) copper is the preferred material. For dynamic, flexible applications, rolled annealed (RA) copper is used.

Semiflexible Boards

Hotoprint Semiflex BoardsSemi-flexible technology is used when the flexural stress during the operation is limited and only needed for the assembly process. Dedicated bending areas on the FR4 material are milled down partially to become semi-flexible. Semi-flexible printed circuit boards are cheaper than flexible ones, but the strength and bending radius is limited.

Please contact us to learn more about flexible and semi-flexible technology for PCBs. Our team  looks forward to hearing from you!

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